Begining the session on the banks of Candlemere, the party decides to return home to secure a boat. Exploring a hex to the west, a crazy naked dude and his cat jumps the party. He is quickly overwhelmed and subdued. He had no possessions on his person except a whip, a sling, and a desiccated hand. He was returned to Horsepile and kept in the dungeons of the castle. 

It seemed like a good time to manage the kingdom for a week. The Kid scouts were formed to help teach and care for children of the area under the care of Jhod. Kundal a barbarian is found and employed as a camp councilor for the Kid scouts. 

Another body turned up, perhaps killed by lycanthrope. Though the full moon is past and attacks seem to have ended. Precautions have been set up for next month. 


Rumor of a bard making inroads to the town are abound but he could not be found. 

A week later, the party set sail to investigate the creepy island and tower on the Candlemere. It was creepy. There were some languages that no one knew. Rumor and knowlege checks suggest it is haunted by a will-o-wisp. 

The session ending after venturing upstream on the Murque river.  


halaster_jo halaster_jo

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