What a busy time in the land of horsepile. After an unimpressive town hall meeting you made sure a greater turnout for the next one. Nearly 1/3 of the flegling nations population attended, Many on Grigori's side. You heard of babies dying, learned what the people want(everything), and Grigori turned the town out for peace with lizardfolk. He was offered ambassadorship, but declined so he could ensure fair and balanced information to the people of horsepile. He instead suggested Kerry John, his protege to go in his stead due to his ability to "speak" with the Lizards.  You sent 20 guards and 2 kolbolds (as real translators). 


While they were out, you left to deal with the tendrilicus, easily pulverizing it to nothing. Returning for the new moon to hunt lycans, the party discovers the Kundal is  the lycan. He is locked up for the duration of the full moon. He continues to be a cool guy and works with the kids, now known as the silver knives. 


The returning ambassador and his party have been decimated by poison. Grigori is quick to point blame that you didnt send a cleric. He is challenged to a dual by Dirc. Damage control is set into action after Grigori riled up the whole town. You manage to get the town peaceful and a massive turnout is had for the dual. 

It is a game of cat and archer as Dirc peppers Grigori with arrows and Grigori uses his bardic tricks to prolong his life. In the end, the cat is skinned. 


halaster_jo halaster_jo

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