a call for help

2 calls for help happened in this session. a vile arcane stiched horror know as a leucrotta pertending to be a maiden. 


the other took place after three months. Ycard Tracy delivered it from Restov:

Greetings from Restov and congratulations on your triumphs.
I hope that we are entering a time in which these lands will
be called stolen only in history texts! Yet it would seem that
for all your victories, your fellow colonists to the east have met with
trouble. The settlers of Varnhold are not responding to messengers—
and indeed, some envoys have gone missing as well. You may have
noticed this on your own, but as the political climate here in Restov
grows more turbulent, we find ourselves increasingly limited in the
amount of aid we can send. Certainly, we cannot send troops south to
Varnhold to investigate without our overly watchful lords to the north
misinterpreting the act. And so it falls to you, I fear, to investigate
the Varnhold mystery. For if something dire has befallen the colony,
you must realize that your own could be next!
Trusting in your discretion and expedience,
Jamandi Aldori—Swordlord of Restov


halaster_jo halaster_jo

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