isle of the lizard king

Sailing up to a palisided hummock, the party gains entry to a small village of lizard folk. Entering upon the grounds of trade but having nothing they were willing to give up the party leaves, promising to return with a boat full of meat. The Cheif Vesket gives the party on of his Blood caimens named Harry as a sign of good faith. Lizard folk arnt evil.

Hunting 4 deer and returning to the lizard folk the party make strong diplomatic inroads, spending the night in one of the mud huts. They learn of a small boy(tig tigwiller/tannersen) being held and tortured. The party is nearly as outraged by the treatment of this boy as the common lizardfolk are at the fact thier god Stisshak(who visited and attempted to scare you) wont let them eat him. Instead he insists on new and cruel torments for the boy(spoiling the meat). The party rescues the boy and returns him home to Horsepile.  


Back home, a bard Grigori is enthralling the masses with anti government nonsense. Some of his reteric is dealt with but he will surly be up to more trouble in the days ahead. A week of town hall meetings has been proposed to combat this new internal threat.






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