its been a while

So its been a bit since this has been updated. upon setting out to discover the whereabouts of the inhabitants of varnhold, you discovered and mapped much. in varnhold pass you slew a drake. venturing north you found some ettercaps and made spider soup. 


entering the town of varnhold, you noticed it was unoccupied. a feral boar made a ruckuss but was easily slain. you made friends with an evil Zoidberg monster. he let you take an underwater passage to the fort. 


in the fort you handidly slew all the Spriggans that had taken up residence. a nice sum of loot seems to have been collected from the town and piled in the fort. almost as if it belonged to the former inhabitants and was being collected for resale…. just like you do with your loot. 


halaster_jo halaster_jo

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