rivers run red


Setting out to explore the area round their kingdom the party met a drunkard who told b'lana to "go back to the words with her people elf child."  The party began exploring to the east and south of town. They handedly dispatched  worg and dispersed his pack. Exploring cliffs near lake Tuskwater is a stingy good time with some stinging nettles. later, They encountered a bubbling patch of MÜd and fungus. A tendrilicus attacked and killed or disabled the party(and some horses) with smell and tentacle alike. After raising Dirc Pembant from death, they heard rumor that a boy had been killed by wolves, his death was after the worg was slain though. the party ending the night by rescuing a gnome wagon from Skunk river to the west of town. 



halaster_jo halaster_jo

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