Ye settled up with the gnomes, learning they are cartographers. Farmer was seen as a C3PO like creature after curing them of nasty kobold wounds. Ye traded landmarks and went on yer merry way. 

Stumbling into a nasty old hut atop a hummuck, ye met an old crone. She confused Dirc with Jerry the Stag Lord and complained a lot about the noise coming from up north. Ye promptly dispatched the Old Bedlame and her pumpkin headed guard. Her only crime was working her feminine charms on farmer. You ending the night on the banks of Lake Candelmere. 


(rumor that ye hear in the future: the old bedlame was going to help the town )

rivers run red

Setting out to explore the area round their kingdom the party met a drunkard who told b'lana to "go back to the words with her people elf child."  The party began exploring to the east and south of town. They handedly dispatched  worg and dispersed his pack. Exploring cliffs near lake Tuskwater is a stingy good time with some stinging nettles. later, They encountered a bubbling patch of MÜd and fungus. A tendrilicus attacked and killed or disabled the party(and some horses) with smell and tentacle alike. After raising Dirc Pembant from death, they heard rumor that a boy had been killed by wolves, his death was after the worg was slain though. the party ending the night by rescuing a gnome wagon from Skunk river to the west of town. 


founding day

So after settling in on the stag lords old digs and tossing up a castle ye quickly expanded to the gold mine. Debt found ye but reasonable income seems secure in the future.

4 months pass. 1 festival was had as founders day on 1st moonday/Sunday of desnus

There was some political upheaval at the end causing a loyalty issues for next month…. Perhaps someone slept with the smith's sheep in the graveyard

assault on the stag lord
assault on the stag lord

You began with B'ylanna acquiring intel on the fort layout via drones. Then, shrinking her and sending her in for a closer look, you discovered a field of zombies surrounded the area. falling back for more recon, you charmed some straggler bandits and learned of a crazy old man and that the Stag Lord has put out the call for troops to return to base. 

A new yackity sacks attempt is made on the fort. The party alchemist manages to blow a hole in the wall and you get into a secret hatch. Unfortunately, the zombies don't cooperate and leave the fort alone. The party's first death comes when Tahlrath accidently stored his sword in an already wounded witch Arkadi while in combat with Nugruh the Mad. 


Retreat and recover are the name of the game. After Jhod is able to get Arkadi back on her feet, the party plots for siege. After waylaying and "convincing" bandits to stay away from the fort, the Stag lord sends out a lieutenant Akrios. He does not live long.

The group makes a grisly statue of corpses within sight of the fort. This prompts the final 2 lieutenants to meet them on the battle field. after a tough scrape the party manages victory but at the cost of the alchemist Atrilai. The Stag Lord and pose' hunt them, pursuing into the woods. Stumbling upon Inquisitor Dirc they make their last stand after many hours of chase.  The Stag Lord is no more. 

stolen lands
3-30 pharast

The party sets out to explore their designated region.

locations found:

Bokken the alchemists hut. Has  a crazy brother somewhere down south.

Nettle's Crossing: a decrepit bridge and a spook whom has since been settled.

Thorn river camp: cleared of bandits.

Temple of the Elk: brought Jhod here to complete his mission. 

Statue of Erastil: farmer prayed for keen weapons here.

radish patch: brokered first talks with kolbolds. 

Old Sycamore: comitted genocide on a colony of mites.

Sootscale Caverns: made peace and future trade deals 

abandoned gold mine: future $$$


stolen lands
1 -2 pharast

The game began at Oleg's trading post. The party was Charged with the mission to end the banditry in the area and to map the region. Conviently, some bandits were inbound to Oleg's within a few days and the party ably dispatched them. 


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