its been a while

So its been a bit since this has been updated. upon setting out to discover the whereabouts of the inhabitants of varnhold, you discovered and mapped much. in varnhold pass you slew a drake. venturing north you found some ettercaps and made spider soup. 


entering the town of varnhold, you noticed it was unoccupied. a feral boar made a ruckuss but was easily slain. you made friends with an evil Zoidberg monster. he let you take an underwater passage to the fort. 


in the fort you handidly slew all the Spriggans that had taken up residence. a nice sum of loot seems to have been collected from the town and piled in the fort. almost as if it belonged to the former inhabitants and was being collected for resale…. just like you do with your loot. 

a call for help

2 calls for help happened in this session. a vile arcane stiched horror know as a leucrotta pertending to be a maiden. 


the other took place after three months. Ycard Tracy delivered it from Restov:

Greetings from Restov and congratulations on your triumphs.
I hope that we are entering a time in which these lands will
be called stolen only in history texts! Yet it would seem that
for all your victories, your fellow colonists to the east have met with
trouble. The settlers of Varnhold are not responding to messengers—
and indeed, some envoys have gone missing as well. You may have
noticed this on your own, but as the political climate here in Restov
grows more turbulent, we find ourselves increasingly limited in the
amount of aid we can send. Certainly, we cannot send troops south to
Varnhold to investigate without our overly watchful lords to the north
misinterpreting the act. And so it falls to you, I fear, to investigate
the Varnhold mystery. For if something dire has befallen the colony,
you must realize that your own could be next!
Trusting in your discretion and expedience,
Jamandi Aldori—Swordlord of Restov

old dead dudes

you stumbled into an old knights burrial place. you handled the dead decidly. 

how to field dress an owl bear

boy howdy owl bears hit like a truck. the Bloodrager was turned to finely ground canner grade meat but you defeated the cursed owlbear. In its lair you discovered dead bandits. One bandit had a map with your town and the owlbear lair clearly labeled. 


back in town you settled things. 2 months progress. we begin at the start of Kuthona. 


the party returned to horsepile to ashes. they managed to save a few home but the smithy was a loss. after interviewing some surviviers the determined it was an owlbear attack. they set of for vengence… with time at their back.

frag trolls, trolls into gold

11-13 lamashan

3 sessions to empty the troll lair. ye went in and had poo thrown at you to make slippery stairs. you hacked and chopped yer way through many a mangy troll and troll hound. only needing to retreat once for 2 days to recover. In the end you secured 4 BP worth of loot if you can send wagons to recover it. 


lookin fer trolls

Ye started the night out solving issues with a merchants daughter who wanted to marry a local fisherboy after he knocked her up. she lost the baby and her dad wouldnt allow the marrage to continue. ye offered to build him a shop in order for him to not leave town. 

setting off to hunt the trolls ye first stumbled upon the forest drake ye heard rumors of. he ambushed you but was driven off and killed in his escape.


exploring another hex you met some Lizard folk bathing in a pond. nearby there was a wagon that had been ransacked. the lizard folk claim it was the trolls. you left without incident. 


finally discovering the troll lair ye crept to the entrance and surprised the guards gaining entry. the battle sounds led someone to set off a deep bellowed alarm throughout the formally dwarfen compound. 

2 part battoe

Discovering a creepy old elven fort in the woods you explore it. Driving out the fey who have made it their home. A lone quickling escaped the battle with a baobahn sith, that drained the manliness from the blood rager.

Returning home you decided to deal with a pest to the fishing industry. You trapped the old crackjaw and inprisoned him in the keep. 


Trolls! there be trolls down south! A wealthy Pompador named Ycard Tracy even offered to put in a good word with the swordlord of Restov if you take care of them. He even offered to set up a shop in your town if you do. 


Smartly deciding to not fight trolls you set off in another direction. Stumbling upon a hairy encounter with a nixie and lumbercamp, you quickly barter an rrangment to make all parties happy. If you can deliver the goods on time. The woodsman Carax  want a road to the next hex to transport his lumber. The nixie wants new trees to replace those chopped down at her grove. 


Later, you murdered a creepy old tree. 


What a busy time in the land of horsepile. After an unimpressive town hall meeting you made sure a greater turnout for the next one. Nearly 1/3 of the flegling nations population attended, Many on Grigori's side. You heard of babies dying, learned what the people want(everything), and Grigori turned the town out for peace with lizardfolk. He was offered ambassadorship, but declined so he could ensure fair and balanced information to the people of horsepile. He instead suggested Kerry John, his protege to go in his stead due to his ability to "speak" with the Lizards.  You sent 20 guards and 2 kolbolds (as real translators). 


While they were out, you left to deal with the tendrilicus, easily pulverizing it to nothing. Returning for the new moon to hunt lycans, the party discovers the Kundal is  the lycan. He is locked up for the duration of the full moon. He continues to be a cool guy and works with the kids, now known as the silver knives. 


The returning ambassador and his party have been decimated by poison. Grigori is quick to point blame that you didnt send a cleric. He is challenged to a dual by Dirc. Damage control is set into action after Grigori riled up the whole town. You manage to get the town peaceful and a massive turnout is had for the dual. 

It is a game of cat and archer as Dirc peppers Grigori with arrows and Grigori uses his bardic tricks to prolong his life. In the end, the cat is skinned. 


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