assault on the stag lord

assault on the stag lord

You began with B'ylanna acquiring intel on the fort layout via drones. Then, shrinking her and sending her in for a closer look, you discovered a field of zombies surrounded the area. falling back for more recon, you charmed some straggler bandits and learned of a crazy old man and that the Stag Lord has put out the call for troops to return to base. 

A new yackity sacks attempt is made on the fort. The party alchemist manages to blow a hole in the wall and you get into a secret hatch. Unfortunately, the zombies don't cooperate and leave the fort alone. The party's first death comes when Tahlrath accidently stored his sword in an already wounded witch Arkadi while in combat with Nugruh the Mad. 


Retreat and recover are the name of the game. After Jhod is able to get Arkadi back on her feet, the party plots for siege. After waylaying and "convincing" bandits to stay away from the fort, the Stag lord sends out a lieutenant Akrios. He does not live long.

The group makes a grisly statue of corpses within sight of the fort. This prompts the final 2 lieutenants to meet them on the battle field. after a tough scrape the party manages victory but at the cost of the alchemist Atrilai. The Stag Lord and pose' hunt them, pursuing into the woods. Stumbling upon Inquisitor Dirc they make their last stand after many hours of chase.  The Stag Lord is no more. 


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