lookin fer trolls

Ye started the night out solving issues with a merchants daughter who wanted to marry a local fisherboy after he knocked her up. she lost the baby and her dad wouldnt allow the marrage to continue. ye offered to build him a shop in order for him to not leave town. 

setting off to hunt the trolls ye first stumbled upon the forest drake ye heard rumors of. he ambushed you but was driven off and killed in his escape.


exploring another hex you met some Lizard folk bathing in a pond. nearby there was a wagon that had been ransacked. the lizard folk claim it was the trolls. you left without incident. 


finally discovering the troll lair ye crept to the entrance and surprised the guards gaining entry. the battle sounds led someone to set off a deep bellowed alarm throughout the formally dwarfen compound. 


halaster_jo halaster_jo

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